A Classical Discography

Michael Gray



vinylThis Discography grew from research in the archives of recording companies in Europe, Japan, and the United States. It includes LP recordings, principally from 1950 to 1979, as well as records published on shellac records and cylinders before 1949. For now, recordings made after 1979 are only selectively included.

Use the Search boxes to make your queries. You can use either a full name, such as Debussy, or a truncation (e.g. Debu), which can often yield the best and quickest results. Supplying a title, performer, or other criteria to a query will narrow your results. You can also use wild cards: %, for a string of characters of any length, or _ (underline), for any single specific character. __ will stand for two characters, ___ for three, and so on. Names in Conductor field are Last name, First name. Data in Date is expressed as 'year' 'month' 'day', e.g. 1928 June 15. Works recorded as a set (e.g., Violin Sonatas and Partitas (6), BWV1001 - BWV1006) are given only a set entry and are not listed individually. As a rule, Principal Number contains the first number under which the recording was issued in its home country; other issue numbers can be found under 78/45, or under LP issues, such as Musical Heritage Society MHS series.

Users should consult specialist discographies, including www.medieval.org, www.chantdiscography.com, and www.kellydatabase.org, for acoustic records made by the Gramophone company and to find comprehensive coverage of records not included exclusively herein. Records of opera 'Fantasies', instrumental arrangements of operatic arias and similar discs, and records by military bands are included selectively. 'Pirate' recordings issued on LP by labels such as Allegro, Royale and others are also included selectively. 

The cooperation of many institutions and individuals are making this on-going work possible. Additions and corrections may be sent via the webform on the Contact page.

Latest updates: WK-Schallplatten (November 2021)

Michael Gray

Revised November 2021